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Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilation

Roofline Ridge Vents

Roof line Ridge Vents

Tile Ventilation Vents

Tile Vents

Natural Ventilation Vents

Natural Ventilation vents

Supavent Whirlybird

Whirly Birds

Effective Ventilation is important to making your home energy efficient and comfortable.  In your roof space temperatures can reach 70 degrees in Summer. Roof Ventilation removes the heat replacing it with cooler ambient air.  This will reduce the load on your air-conditioning, assist your insulation to work more effectively, and effectively reduce temperatures inside your home. 

Western Ventilation Systems has worked with some of the best roof ventilation products on the market. With our experience and expertise in knowing how to get the best performance from these products, we can recommend and install any roof ventilation systems suited to your budget, roof type, and needs of your home.

  • Roofline Ridge Vents
  • Tile Vents
  • Natural Ventilation Vents
  • Whirlybirds

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