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BBQ Rangehood Installations

BBQ Rangehoods

Outdoor/Alfresco living is one of the leading design features of most Australian homes.  Also it is one of the leading home improvements most home owners desire, and harmonises with Australia's outdoor lifestyle. 

An important part of such an investment, is a quality BBQ rangehood to extract oil saturated air and smells from above the BBQ.  This prevents Staining of walls and ceilings, and overpowering your outdoor living area with smoke and smells.

Western Ventilation Systems provide professional and quality installation services, ensuring rangehood installation meets manufactures specifications for optimal performance.  With vast experience across a number of brands and types BBQ Rangehoods, we can also recommend some of the best performing rangehoods best suited too your needs and budget.

Kitchen Rangehood Installations

Kitchen Rangehoods

Kitchens in Australian homes is one of the most important selling points in a home, along with its accessories.  Rangehood appliances is an important part of this, whether in a new or established home. They also contribute to comfortable living space free from cooking odours and contribute to the cleanliness of the kitchen environment. Western Ventilation Systems understands the importance of this, and has the experience and expertise to assist you with making the right choice according to your lifestyle needs. 

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Rangehood Installations - Custom Tailored

Custom Installations

With hundreds of Rangehood Installation's performed in individual homes in Western Australia,  we have experienced numerous challenges installing modern appliances in period homes or unique situations. While not compromising regulations or performance of the rangehood appliance, we pride ourselves in being able to find solutions, in dialogue with our clients, and quote a fair price for custom installations.  

Contact Western Ventilation Systems, and we will send one of our Specialist Rangehood Installers to make an obligation free assessment and quote.